Haitian Style Rice and Black Beans with a kick

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Neliquick Rice and beans

Product Description

Island spices and flavors inspired rice and black beans,  the Neliquick rice and beans combo gives an aroma reminescent of the typical Island kitchen.  Cook Neliquick rice and beans and invite your friends over.  They will think you have spent your entire life learning how to cook Caribbean food.

Use it as a side dish with additional vegetables, protein source, or as a main dish for non-meat eater.

Product features


Haitian food is always rich in flavor.  This rice and beans combo has a little kick to it.  We would not call it spicy even with a North American definition.


What to eat with it ?

Rice and beans usually accompanies another form of protein or some vegetables.


How to prepare it ?

Preparation time : 5 minutes

Cooking time : 30 minutes.

The preparation of Neliquick Rice and Beans is simple.  Boil the recommended amount of water, add the content of the package and Voila. For better and bolder flavor, use coconut water instead of water.


Bon Appétit !

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