About Us

We are committed to help provide you with ingredients to help you cook your favorite recipe from around the world in a quick, easy, and all natural way. We are using one of the world’s oldest method of preservation, drying. Removing water from our products inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and mold. As a result, we can keep the products longer without the need to add preservatives.

We provide you with high quality dehydrated beans, rice and beans combo (rice and peas combo), and many other products to help you spend your time where it matters and not in the kitchen.

Our mission is to ‘Connect, Share, and Enjoy food from around the world without adding things we do not want like time, additives, or preservatives.’

Connect – It is amazing to realize how one ingredient can be a subject of conversation for so many. An ingredient like beans is used all over the world in so many different ways.

Share – We believe that good food is meant to be share with others.  So we invite you to share our products, recipes, and your meals with others.

Enjoy – Food is meant to nourish the body. We want to provide you with a selection of healthy products to satisfy your appetite as well as your desire for nutritious food.