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Red Bean Powder for every taste

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There are plenty of benefits that red bean powder can offer to you once you combine it with your favorite dish. This is considered as the most outstanding food additive that came from healthy red beans and come close as an important source of protein. Red beans are loaded with numerous health benefits and one of these is becoming an anti-suppressant product. 

Red bean powder as a healthy diet additive
Based on research studies conducted, it was discovered that red bean powder has this so-called “leptin” element (came from the Greek word leptos that means thin) that is capable of controlling the appetite to eat more than the normal level. Leptin is made through our own body’s fat cells since there is nourishment that can be found on it that can prevent starving and increase metabolism.

How to make Feijoada with bean powder?

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Bean powder makes nutritious meals, they are commonly used in casseroles, soups and salads, and they are also used as a side dish. The vegetarians are accustomed to combining beans with starchy food for instance rice to make a perfect alternative source of protein. One can increase the quantity of beans consumed by making bean powder instead of using the common wheat flour.
Bean powder is free from gluten; it is therefore staple food and source of complete protein for those allergic and sensitive to gluten. Neliquick Bean powder is great for making Feijoada. Feijoada is a bean stew with different kind of smoked beef and pork. It is a very popular in Portugal and Brazil. In Brazil, it is considered a national dish. Feijoada also includes smoked and salted pork and beef like bacon, kielbasa, chorizo, and fresh meat. 
With Neliquick bean powder, simply add the Brazilian style black bean power to water, then add the different meat product, and serve. The final dish is thick with a strong black beans and meat stew taste. 
The first time I had Feijoada was at a picnic with some of my Brazilian friends. I could not stop at just one serving. This is a very delicious dish that can be served with rice, other starches, or enjoy as is. I also could not help but wonder how another country could have a dish so similar to the concept of American chili beans; using beans with meat cooked in one pot. I have also found out since then that Feijoada is not only done with black beans, white or pinto beans are also often used. The type of beans used depend on the region in Brazil. I love it with black beans and definitely like the different type of smoked and fresh meat that can be included.

Black Beans Powder Benefits

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Black Beans Powder Benefits

Bean is one of the most ignored foods which have a lot of health benefits. This is also beneficial for people who have diabetes or heart diseases or who simply wants to stay healthy. Bean has a lot of anti-ageing benefits and is a fairly inexpensive product. Bean can be cooked in a lot of different ways. 

It doesn’t matter what type of cuisine you like, beans can surely form a part of the diet. Beans are found in as a major source of food in Mexican, Middle – Eastern, Indian, American and many other cultures. There are Japanese people who eat beans in the processed form whereas there are people who use it for versatile foods like soup, salads and many other dishes. Some people also sprout them and use it in morning breakfast, a way going on for thousands of years. Over the past decades, bean powder has made significant stride in saving people time to prepare their traditional bean products. 

Black bean powder nutrition

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Today’s society is grappling with a number of serious medical conditions. These conditions include diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Some of them are preventable while others are only controllable. However, a change in your diet is necessary if you are to prevent or effectively deal with these medical conditions. For example, you need to start thinking about other sources of protein apart from red meat. A suitable alternative is beans. More specifically, black beans powder nutrition is the best kind of protein source for you and your family. Here are a couple of reasons why.

- Black Beans Powder Is Rich in Dietary Fiber

Black beans dietary fiber is relatively harder to digest than most other dietary fibers. This means that it stays in your stomach for a longer period than foods rich in carbohydrates. This makes your stomach feel full and therefore, you only consume the amount of food that you need. In this respect, black beans powder nutrition can help you to lose weight. In addition, the insoluble fiber content in black beans improves the way in which your digestive tract functions. This in turn helps you to deal with digestive disorder such as diverticulitis and bowel syndrome. 

- Black Beans Powder Is an Antioxidant That Improves Your Body’s Metabolism

The makeup of our body relies heavily on iron related compounds. These compounds facilitate our body’s metabolism process. Black beans powder nutrition contains a high amount of iron. The iron in black beans increases the amount of useful iron compounds in your body. This then leads to a heightened level of body energy. You can decide to use this new energy to perform rigorous exercises in or around your home. 

It is also important to note that black beans also have a strong, rich and tantalizing flavor that is sure to please everyone in your house. In conclusion, black beans powder is an invaluable source of great taste, dietary fiber and iron. 
Disclaimer: the information provided on this blog do not constitute medical advice. For nutritional and medical advice, consult your physician.

Black Bean Powder

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Black bean powder is made from the best quality of 100% black bean. Black bean powder is processed under very careful conditions including low-temperature to make sure that the flavorful taste and the benefit this black bean owes are very well preserved. It is milled in state-of-art facility with great care.







No sugar, artificial coloring, flavoring, or any preservatives are added to it. This phenomenal black bean powder is the key to great taste that is awesome and wholesome. Black beans powder great nutrition values have been known over the years all over the world. It is high in antioxidants that delays aging and fights free radical attack, high in dietary fiber, good source of magnesium, phosphorus and iron hence nourishing the skin and aids in hair growth. Because of their high protein and iron content, black beans powder are highly recommended as an important meal for a healthy vegetarian diet.




Moreover, it also aids in cholesterol stabilization hence preventing cardiovascular diseases. With its fiber content, it assists in smooth bowel movement, thus preventing constipation. The benefits of black beans powder are numerous and the recipes it can be used in are only limited by our imagination.




Ingredients used


100% pure black bean only




Beans are recommended as part of a healthy diet for


1. Women


2. Expectant women


3. Lactating mothers


4. Young adults at their adolescent stage


5. Elderly people


6. Working /active group


7. Men


8. Children


9. Vegetarians


10. Vegans




In its easy to use powdered form, black beans powder only needs to be added to water and be boiled for 20 minutes for a basic black beans soup recipe.  Some other very popular recipes include chili soup with or without meat, Rajma Masala (indian style red kidney beans curry).  And last but not least, black bean powder can be added to many baking recipes.